You're in Italy and you
want to get closer to Italian culture... so take your place among the Roman
gods and goddesses like Apollo and Diana and practice the art of archery with
75 Avventura. Used for hunting and in warfare, the bow and arrow were made obsolete
by the invention of firearms yet there is an impressive amount of satisfaction
in feeling the power and precision of shooting a target with a bow and arrow.

We'll teach you how to
hold, aim and fire then provide you with a variety of targets placed at
different distances so you can work on bringing out your inner Robin Hood (or
Katniss Everdeen). If you're the competitive type, we'll get a friendly contest
going and if you're into survival skills, we've got our 3-D animal targets for
you to practice your hunting prowess on.

Don't be fooled into
thinking that archery is an activity reserved just for childrens' summer camps
- the tools needed are simple but archery is actually quite a complex sport
that requires practice and skill in order to get results. It requires some
physical strength but is low on physical intensity, which is good when one is
on a relaxing holiday in Tuscany, right?

Minimum age: 6 years old.

Minimum 2 participants
Lesson and Target Practice - 90 minutes Adults € 22      Children 6-17 years old € 15
Target practice and Simulated Hunt - 2 hours Adults € 35 Children 6-17 years old € 25